Calculating ROI

(Is it worth to pay for vip Text Messaging)

On average, if you do text marketing

possibly about 23% of your customers will opt in

they’ll read possibly 90% of your texts

and they’ll respond to possibly 45% of them.

That means possibly 10% of all your customers are likely to respond to each text you send.

So let’s assume you average 400 customers a month (100 a week).

And let’s assume your average ticket is $30. That’s about $144,000 a year in sales ($12,000 a month times 12).

If 10% of your customers come in one extra time per month as a result, then you can possibly increase your sales by $14,400 a year
Most would agree that’s a pretty good ROI! Imagine if they came in twice extra! That's just your customers This works like a magnet with New customers drawn in from your other promotions. Results will vary depending on your business

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