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Mobile Marketing works for every type of business! Using a single text message, merchants can contact their entire customer base at a moment’s notice! Staying connected to your customers helps you to: • Retain your existing customers by keeping them informed and interested • Increase floor traffic on slower days • Build your customer base through referrals from existing customers. Local, Franchises, National, and E-Commerce Many businesses in today’s market are focused on external marketing programs that target new customers. While constantly seeking the next new customer, business owners often overlook the loyal customer base that returns to their business time and time again. If the merchant’s primary objective is to constantly bring in new business, they may miss out on the potential opportunity with their existing customers! Also capture new subscribers who have never physically been to your business!

Compliance Regulations

Due to recent changes to CTIA regulations, SenText Solutions is no longer accepting contracts from the following:

Campaigns Prohibited:

  • Loan advertisements ( this does also include mortgage brokers and underwriters )
  • Credit repair
  • Debt relief
  • Work from home, ‘secret shopper’, and similar advertising campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties
  • Anything considered a SHAFT violation. (SHAFT is an acronym for Sex Hate Firearms Tobacco)

Messaging Prohibited:

  • Message content that deceives or threatens consumers is not permitted
  • Message streams that result in excessive complaints or STOP commands typically indicate an unwanted message campaign and will not be allowed to continue
  • Phishing
  • Fraud or scams
  • Deceptive marketing
  • Distribution or malware or app downloads from non-secure locations
  • Loan, debt consolidation, debt relief and student loan programs
  • Affiliate marketing programs that seek to obtain opt-in subscriber lists

We also cannot accept contracts from:

• Businesses that are oriented towards sex or sexually explicit content

• Businesses that promote hate

• Dispensaries and/or locations that sell medicinal marijuana

• CBD products, smoke, tobacco, vape or e-cig products

The following business types below will have an age verification included in their initial call to action. We have already adjusted existing merchants in the categories below:

• Bars

• Pubs

• Night Clubs

• Casinos

Signage can no longer include the prohibited items listed below. This is exclusive to any images or logos provided to us:

• Hard liquor (this includes mixed drinks, shots, liquor bottles, etc.)

• Depictions of smoke/smoking/Vaping/E-Cigs

• Firearms (sporting goods, pawn stores & other retail outlets cannot include depictions of firearms)

• Sexually explicit images (nudity)

*** If a logo is submitted with any of the imagery listed above, design may edit or exclude it entirely. They will notify you if there is an issue with something provided. All final decisions are made by corporate.

All signage must include the following compliance information no matter whether it’s in print or online:

You may receive up to 4 messages per week. Message and data rates may apply when sending & receiving text messages. Messages sent from automated system. Consent not required to purchase goods and services. Text STOP to 57711 to opt-out. Text HELP to 57711 for assistance or call 800-211-2001. To view our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy, please visit www.sentextsolutions.com/privacypolicy.

***Note that you will need to make sure the shortcode matches. We currently use these shortcodes: 57711, 51660 and 57838.


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