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Do You Sentext? Mobile Marketing works for every type of business or organization! Using a single text message, You can contact your entire customer base or organization at a moment’s notice! Staying connected Instantly! Start A VIP Customer Club Create a Customer Birthday Club

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What Your Dashboard Will Look Like

Example Of Signage Used
To Have Customers Opt In
to Your Vip Text Club

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Sentext User Testimonial

Sentext User Testimonial


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How It Works

1.Let customers know you’re engaged in text marketing. Promote with our proven strategy.
2.Your audience opts in(joins)your Vip Text Club from their device.
3.Send offers and announcements instantly, at any time, from your easy to use dashboard.

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The Experience Below

How To Sign Up?

1.Make and Appointment with your Local Rep Jeffrey Dionne 559-869-8470
2.Choose Keyword
3. Create an Offer and choose background Image
4. Choose Plan and Sign Contract
5.Sentext Processes Contract and sends log in info to your email for your dashboard and Image design is included that can be used to print Posters, magnets, table tents,counter mats,etc. Training videos on how to use your dashboard is included on how to use and create and send Texts. 800 Customer service # to help along with email support and local rep can ensure you get off to right start

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