RetailGeddon Continues! Analysis in USA-Store Closings?

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2019 is bringing in many retail companies announcing store closings. Investment bank UBS says 75000 store may close by 2026. List of a some stores that have announced closing and how many!

Store closing in 2019

Name:# of there stores closing

1. Kohls:4

2. Target:6

3. Macy’s:8

4. J.C. Penny:27

5. Bed Bath & Beyond:40

6. K-Mart:48

7. Lowes:51

8. Victoria’s Secret:53

9. Sears:72

10. Pier 1 Imports:145

11. Starbucks:150

12: Freds:159

13. Lifeway Christian Store:170

14. Gap:230

15. Family Dollar:390

16. Payless:2100

So much more to list but this gives you an idea. Some say it is because we all shop online. I know i like to try clothes on and shoes in person and i’m sure you do also! Is this bad investments that came to fruition or is it just competition or maybe the economy?

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