How Sentext Can Help Service Businesses like plumbers, painters, mechanics, carpet cleaners, appliance repairmen, gardeners, contractors, attorneys, and more

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Jeff I am a plumber! How can Sentext Help Me?

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Sentext not only can benefit a plumber but also painters,mechanics,appliance repairmen,gardeners, carpet cleaners,contractors,attorneys,and more.

Most likely you are advertising already via yellow pages,social media,direct mail,billboards,your website. You should have in your ad copy the words below


They will see this and with there cell phone will text the keyword you chose to a 5 digit Sentext short code number to opt in to receive your promotions legally. You log into the SENTEXT texting platform to send your mass message instantly! You see if I go to a yellow page book and look under the heading plumber same applies to any type of business. Now under the heading plumber I see 30 display ads. I look over them but I come to your ad that mentions VIP Text Club. You just captured my personal cell phone number only my close friends and family have! You beat out your competition because now I am your loyal customer who remembers I am your vip customer making me feel special. I now have no need to go back to look for you because I am always receiving your texts. As a plumber you can send out a tip or a how to guideĀ  with webpage link just be creative this applies to all types of businesses! Imagine if I see your billboard or come across your website through a search. You will want to have a VIP CUSTOMER CLUB FOR ME TO JOIN! Heck I may never find your website again in the maze of so many of the same types of businesses i found while searching online. But you had the upper edge and captured my cell number !!!! Example of a text –>> Have you been thinking of fixing those leaky faucets book an appointment call 999-999-9999(Your #) mention this text and get 20% off the labor exp 6-19-19

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